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New Customers get 10% off your first purchase!
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Increase your tips at gigs with the TipBandit!

Introducing the TipBandit! As a musician myself, I have felt the pinch of us going to a cashless society! The tip jars don't fill up like they used to and people exchange money through popular services like CashApp, Venmo and Paypal. How nice it would be to make tipping that street corner musician or band playing 80s hits at the club as easy as throwing a few bills in the tip jar on the merch table.

For musicians, TipBandit is the answer to your problems! Personalized with your payment service QR Codes, any fan or stranger can tip you in a jiffy just by scanning the QR Code with their phone camera (most phones these days can do this).

Starving musicians should only starve if they haven't put the time in to learn their craft....not because no one carries cash anymore.